Tim Clemente

Tim Clemente

Tim Clemente is a former FBI Counterterrorism Agent and former SWAT Agent, sent on missions around the globe by the FBI's International Division. Now retired from the Bureau, he is a consultant for CNN on the subject of counterterrorism, a freelance Hollywood television writer and technical consultant.


Born Timothy G. Clemente in the San Francisco Bay Area, Califonia, October 18th, 1960; Tim Clemente, younger brother of James T. Clemente, has quite an impressive history. He is a former FBI Special Agent, where he worked as a counter-terrorism expert and a SWAT assaulter, expert sniper, and tactical instructor. Tim has conducted narcotics and terrorism investigations in many hostile environments around the world, including two deployments to Iraq with the FBI in 2004. After leaving the FBI, he returned to Iraq as an embedded adviser to the U.S. Military for eight months. While there, he compiled and authored a photo-essay book titled: Courage - A Pictorial Essay on Life in Iraq Today; a compilation of combat camera photographs. Tim is currently an international consultant, and he is a technical adviser and writer for television programs that involve counter-terrorism and/or the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He has even assisted Jim on Criminal Minds with some technical advice, even going so far as to have played an extra (State Police SWAT Agent #6) in episode 403, "Minimal Loss", an episode highly focused on law enforcement procedures in desperate, delicate situations. In his current field of television writing, he is best known for his work on "Now You See Me" (2013), "Killer Elite" (2011) and "Blindspot" (2015). Shortly before the premiere of "Blindspot", in late 2015, Tim decided to join Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders as a staff writer and technical consultant. This show is about Agents who travel the world on behalf of America and the FBI; who better for the job than a man who has done the exact same thing in real life and according to his brother, "has plenty of awesome stories to tell"!

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