Season One DVD

Season One DVD Cover

Season One ran for thirteen episodes, and was released on DVD on September 20th, 2016. Episodes were shown out of production order.


Season One averaged on live viewing 7.052 million viewers and 1.30 ratings points in the A18-49 demo, and averaged with 7 days worth of recorded viewing added 9.462 million viewers and 1.90 ratings points in the A18-49 demo on CBS.



Image Title Airdate Writer Director Season Episode Series Episode As Aired Episode
THOcaptured "The Harmful One" March 16, 2016 Erica Messer Colin Bucksey 1 1 1
Garrett and his unit travel to Thailand when three American volunteers go missing during a trek to Bangkok. Once there, former colleague Clara Seger, a cultural anthropologist, helps them rush to gather evidence leading to the unsub before a storm threatens to wash it away.
LIsacrifice "Love Interrupted" April 13, 2016 Adam Glass Paul A. Kaufman 2 2 6
When a couple on their honeymoon in Belize goes missing, the IRT must head there to investigate what is believed to be a targeted abduction.
DLIprison "De Los Inocentes" April 27, 2016 Christopher Barbour Jeannot Szwarc 3 3 8
When a woman vacationing in Mexico with her family is killed in what appears to be foul play, the IRT shifts their investigation towards her husband when he suddenly flees.
Hslumairshot "Harvested" March 23, 2016 Erica Meredith Rob Bailey 4 4 2
When an American citizen wakes up in Mumbai, India with both a kidney and a friend missing, the team becomes convinced that the unsub is doing more than just selling organs on the black market.
TBON&NChe "The Ballad of Nick & Nat" May 11, 2016 Daniele Nathanson Jeremiah Chechik 5 5 11
When the bodies of American victims are discovered in multiple locations in Cuba, the IRT heads there to search for a possible spree killer.
COTWchieftain "Citizens of the World" April 20, 2016 Matthew Lau Alec Smight 6 6 7
The IRT travels to Morocco to deduce the whereabouts of a missing Idaho couple visiting Casablanca on a cruise.
Neith Ghannam "Denial" March 30, 2016 Adam Glass Rod Holcomb 7 7 3
The team heads to Cairo, Egypt when an ex-U.S. serviceman of Egyptian-American descent is killed in a gas attack and his best friend is abducted.
TLHjeeperscreepers "The Lonely Heart" April 6, 2016 Ticona S. Joy Constantine Makris 8 8 5
The IRT heads to Paris to search for an unsub targeting Americans who live there.
TMMCentry "The Matchmaker" May 4, 2016 Tim Clemente Matt Earl Beesley 9 9 9
When an American girl leaves home to meet her boyfriend in Turkey, the IRT suspects she may have actually been tricked by someone posing as her boyfriend.
WDwatsinthefreezer "Whispering Death" April 6, 2016 Adam Glass Larry Teng 10 10 4
The IRT assists local law enforcement in Japan as they investigate a series of murders that are made to look like suicides. Meanwhile, Mae tries to encourage Clara to get out and enjoy herself.
Doshi garrett iqiniso "Iqiniso" May 11, 2016 Christopher Barbour Laura Belsey 11 11 10
The IRT suspects a gang is behind the murder of an American college student working in Johannesburg and the abduction of his brother. Meanwhile, Garrett reunites with Ananda Doshi, an unorthodox profiler, to assist in solving the case.
ETBAloadofbull "El Toro Bravo" May 25, 2016 Erica Meredith Tawnia McKiernan 12 12 12
After the ears of an American tourist are found in Pamplona, Spain, the IRT heads there to investigate.
POtomb "Paper Orphans" May 25, 2016 Erica Messer Félix Enríquez Alcalá 13 13 13
When the daughter of an American family visiting Haiti to adopt a child is abducted, the IRT travels to there to try and find her. Also, Jack and his wife Karen prepare to send their daughter Josie to college.


The International Response Team is officially introduced, and their full investigations are shown for the first time. For unknown reasons, Anna Gunn (who appeared in the series' backdoor pilot episode) declined to reprise her role as Lily Lambert in the main series, and she was replaced by Alana De La Garza, who portrayed cultural anthropologist Clara Seger.