Mateo Cruz
Name Mateo "Matt" Cruz
Gender Male
Family Unnamed wife (possibly)
Unnamed children
Occupation U.S. Army soldier (discharged)
Former Texas Ranger
Section Chief
Status Alive
Portrayed By Esai Morales

SES Mateo "Matt" Cruz is the FBI's International Response Team and Behavioral Analysis Unit Section Chief, and direct superior to SSAs Jack Garrett and Aaron Hotchner. He was first introduced in Season Nine of Criminal Minds.


Cruz grew up in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood. He enlisted in the U.S. Army and, after being honorably discharged, he joined the FBI in 1998. At some point, he also served as a Texas Ranger. During his work experience, he spent most of his career rising through the ranks while stationed at FBI Headquarters at the J. Edgar Hoover Building in Washington D.C. until he reached the rank of Senior Executive Service (SES). In November 2003, Cruz was appointed Section Chief at the Washington Field Office. In this last position, he was in charge of the Foreign Counter Intelligence Unit, as well as various joint task forces. His new job lies in administration, but he is a longtime field agent who was suddenly and unexpectedly promoted, which allows for actual field experience. In 2013, following the death of the former Section Chief Erin Strauss, Cruz was promoted to replace her.


Compared to his predecessor Strauss, Cruz shows immediate respect for and confidence in the Units under his supervision and their skills.

On The JobEdit

Beyond Borders (Pilot Episode)Edit

Cruz appeared in the episode, filling Garrett in on the current case and the need to collaborate with Aaron Hotchner's Behavioral Analysis Unit given that the case had US victims overseas, but in Florida too.

Season TwoEdit

Cruz briefly appeared in La Huesuda, in which he scolded Garrett for nearly disrupting an operation to dismantle the La Orca Cartel, which involved Garrett's son Ryan working deep undercover. Garrett assured him that they will handle the situation, and Cruz warns Garrett that there will be no more disruptions.