Mae Jarvis
Name Maefield Ruth Jarvis
Alias Mae
Gender Female
Birth Date ---
Family Unnamed ex-fiancé
Job Medical examiner
International criminalist
Rank Supervisory Special Agent
Specialty Medicine
Status Alive
Portrayed By Annie Funke
First Appearance "The Harmful One"

Maefield Ruth "Mae" Jarvis is the Medical Examiner and field agent of the FBI assigned to assist the International Response Team, which is featured in Beyond Borders.


As a medical student, Jarvis decided to become a medical examiner after her first cadaver was a woman her age. The experience caused her to realize that she should dedicate herself to giving dead people closure and perhaps justice by examining their bodies. At some point, she was briefly engaged to a man but later called off the wedding due to her devotion to her job with the International Response Team. She served as the IRT's personal medical examiner to aid in investigating crimes involving dead bodies. She didn't participate in the case solved in the backdoor episode that aired as part of Criminal Minds' tenth season. In The Harmful One, it is mentioned that Mae had only recently become an agent, as Clara Seger commented that she has never seen Mae "out of scrubs" after reuniting with the team following a two-year sabbatical.


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  • An excised portion of The Matchmaker's script mentions that Jarvis has a tattoo inspired by her first love.[1] It is unknown if she actually does have one on the main show.