Season 1, Episode 11
Doshi garrett iqiniso
Air date May 11, 2016
Written by Christopher Barbour
Directed by Laura Belsey
"Whispering Death"
"El Toro Bravo"

"Iqiniso" is the eleventh episode of Season One of Beyond Borders.


The IRT suspects a gang is behind the murder of an American college student working in Johannesburg and the abduction of his brother. Meanwhile, Garrett reunites with Ananda Doshi, an unorthodox profiler, to assist in solving the case.

Guest CastEdit

  • Dayo Ade - Paul Ntombi
  • Brenda Bakke - Camille Smit
  • Mike Falkow - Kurt Adams
  • Austin James - Brandon Smit
  • Jakki Jandrell - Lydia Coetzee
  • Kegn Matungulu - Ibhuloho Thug #2
  • Sean Cameron Michael - Noah Coetzee
  • Garikayi Mutambirwa - Lieutenant Okoye
  • Skyler Seymour - Timothy Smit
  • Cliff Simon - Curtis Miller
  • Bahni Turpin - Lieutenant Ananda Doshi
  • Musetta Vander - Miriam Nell
  • Arnold Vosloo - Armand Smit
  • Mykelti Williamson - Brigadier General Yazeen Zwane
  • Michael Eshaun York - Young Soccer Player

Referenced CriminalsEdit


  • "Matimba" by Kabelo
  • "Uchibidolo (The Abundant Herds)" by Yelengu (feat. Barry Van Zyl & Robin Hogarth)

Bookend QuotesEdit

  • Jack Garrett: A Zulu proverb reminds us, "Hope does not kill."


  • Though this is the eleventh produced episode, it aired as the tenth, and back-to-back with The Ballad of Nick & Nat, because the season was scheduled out-of-order.
  • Brenda Bakke, the actress portraying Camille Smit, previously appeared on an earlier episode of Beyond Borders.
  • "Iqiniso" means both "truth" and "fact" in the Zulu language.
  • The "Azaria district" of Johannesburg, which is a prominent location in the episode, is fictional. It is based on the real Soweto township, where the black inhabitants of Johannesburg were forced to reside in during the apartheid era. However, it has a different location within Johannesburg (northeast rather than southwest).

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