A hacker is someone who possesses an unusually high skill in the arts of computer science and programming, and uses these skills to infiltrate computer systems, networks, and other secure platforms.


Hacking, while officially considered a criminal act in most cases (social terrorism), is not always malicious or harmful. Government agencies and large corporations may hire former hackers to help them protect their networks, intranets, and security systems. Inversely, these same organizations may employ them to hack into these areas of other organizations (corporate espionage).

The government agencies who hire former hackers usually do so in return for the exoneration of the hackers' past crimes.


Hackers are responsible for the creation of the internet, open-source software (such as Linux, and it's applications), run Usenet, and sometimes work as software troubleshooters. Those who hack phone systems and other people's computers are not considered hackers by the hacker community. They are instead called crackers. Crackers are also responsible for software cracking (removal of security features), and the creation of malware (adware, viruses, trojans, etc.).

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A/V tech Russ Montgomery is officially labeled by the FBI as a hacker. His skills have served the International Response Team well since he was hired for reasons still unknown. Other hackers included in the show are:

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