Erica Meredith

Erica Meredith

Erica Meredith is an American television writer.


Erica Meredith is a young and up-and-coming writer; Beyond Borders is her first job as a staff writer. Not much is known about Erica. She started out on Criminal Minds in 2010, as a writer's assistant to Janine Sherman Barrois. She maintained that position right up until 2015, when Season 10 ended and Janine left the show, after which she joined the cast and crew of Beyond Borders as a staff writer. She was part of the production staff on Criminal Minds for 5 episodes: 603 (prod. code 604) "Remembrance of Things Past", 701 "It Takes a Village", 802 "The Pact", 901 "The Inspiration" and 1001 "X".

Beyond BordersEdit