Daniele Nathanson

Daniele Nathanson

Daniele Nathanson is an American television writer and producer.


Daniele Nathanson has had a moderate in length, yet impressive career in Television and writing. Having started as a playwright, Daniele lived in Los Angeles, then New York but moved back to Los Angeles after she attained a writers' assistant job on "CSI: NY." She went on to write 7 episodes of her own. After CSI: NY, she went to "Nurse Jackie", for which she served as executive story editor before writing one episode. Her next job was the show "Unforgettable", having served as co-producer and having written 2 episodes, this is when she met Bruce Zimmerman from CSI: NY. He'd been talking about how awesome Erica Messer was eventually led Daniele to seek her out. She went to the Mark Gordon Company, ready to work. She thinks very highly of Erica Messer and enjoys the variety of criminal psychology about which to write. After a brief stint in 2015 on "Murder in the First", having produced 12 episodes and written 4 episodes, she has now gone on to become a Supervising Producer for Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. She has written one episode for Season One, the fifth in production order.

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