Constantine Makris

Constantine Makris.

Constantine Makris is a Greek-American television director, producer, and cinematographer.


Makris started a career in the entertainment business, most notably television, in the 1970s. He started out as a production assistant for the 1974 documentary film Italiamerican before moving on to the camera and electrical department, gaining many credits for his work there. Next, Makris became a high-profile cinematographer, who was especially well-known for his work on Law & Order, for which he was the cinematographer for 156 of its episodes. His work on Law & Order led to him winning three cinematography-related Emmy Awards in the years of 1993, 1997, and 1998; he also had a fourth nomination for such an award in 2000, but didn't win.

That same year, Makris became a television director, first starting with two episodes of the TV series Deadline. He has since directed 62 episodes for Law & Order, and also directed for its spin-offs Law & Order: SVU (for which he directed 25 episodes), Law & Order: Criminal Intent (for which he directed nine episodes), the short-lived Law & Order: Trial by Jury (for which he directed two episodes), and the short-lived Law & Order: LA (for which he directed only one episode). Makris also directed episodes for The Unusuals, FlashForward, Rescue Me, Warehouse 13, and (most recently) Criminal Minds.

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