Clara Seger
Name Clara Seger
Alias {{{alias}}}
Gender Female
Birth Date ---
Family Brad Seger (husband; deceased)
Job Criminalist
Rank Supervisory Special Agent
Specialty Cultural Anthropology
Status Alive
Portrayed By Alana De La Garza
First Appearance "The Harmful One"

Clara Seger is an agent of the FBI's International Response Team, which is featured in Beyond Borders.


Little is known about Seger, other than she was married to a man named Brad, who was also an FBI agent, and worked as a criminalist attached to Jack Garrett's International Response Team, taking her husband's last name. Around 2013, she took a sabbatical from the FBI after Brad died from being killed in the line of duty, which Clara struggled to cope with. She didn't participate in the case solved in the backdoor episode that aired as part of Criminal Minds' tenth season as she had yet to return to the IRT at the time.


Seger is a Christian.[1]

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  1. "De Los Inocentes"