Adam Glass

Adam Glass

Adam Glass is an American television writer and producer.


Born August 12th, 1968 in Decatur, Georgia, Adam was raised in N.Y. where he attended the CUNY school system and graduated with a degree in Film. He's written for almost every studio in Hollywood as a screenwriter, but All About the Andersons is his first produced credit. He is very much into fitness and boxing in his spare time, and has a long career in TV. His first major break as a television writer and producer came when he joined the cast and crew of the long-running drama, "Supernatural", for which he served as an executive producer for several seasons and a writer for 15 episodes. Without a doubt, this show is what shaped his career. Several years later, after having written 2 episodes for both, "Cold Case" and "The Cleaner" and having served as a producer for both shows, Adam joined the original members of the Beyond Borders crew. He is now an Executive Producer of Beyond Borders, one of four. He has written three episodes for the show, more than any other writer thus far.

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